Sunday, March 6, 2016

Half Day in Mysore: A Photoblog

It is the 6th of March, 2016 and I had the whole afternoon and evening to do what I want in Mysore. It wasn't much but here is a quick photoblog of my journey so far.

The Premise

I'm trying to work my way up to the North West of India (near the Himalayas) and decided to follow the west coast. This means getting to Mangalore, and if I'm heading towards Mangalore, Coorg was a must visit. But since I'd reach either early in the morning or in the evening if I traveled from Bangalore to Madikeri (the city I'd visit in Coorg) directly, I decided to first travel to Mysore, spend half a day (and a night) here and then head to Madikeri early next morning.

KSRTC Superfast

My trip started aboard a Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC; not to be confused with Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation) bus at 12:00 from Mysore Road Satellite Bus Station in Bangalore.

These buses cost a little more to travel versus the Karnataka Sarige (Karnataka KSRTC) buses - 141₹ against 124₹ for the Bangalore to Mysore journey. The difference in the money though is justified by their tagline - Superfast. These buses are driven rashly fast. And I mean it. I was in Mysore by 15:10 - most passenger trains take longer and the expensive Airavat buses from Karnataka's KSRTC take as long. Karnataka Sarige buses stop everywhere while this was mostly non-stop, save a 10 minute pee/tea break.


The Window Blinds

KSRTC Buses have a unique feature (atleast unique versus all the other buses I have traveled in) in their window blinds. You can shut the windows to outside light keeping the inside cool, or you can raise them completely for a large, exposed window to take in all the air.

I do hope other state transport corporations of India imitate this cheap but very useful feature!

A view of the window blind from the inside


A closeup of the locking mechanism that holds the blinds when the windows are fully open.


Zostel Mysore

My chosen venue for stay in Mysore, this is a charming 100 year old mansion converted into a traveler's hostel.

I couldn't get any shots of the inside of the mansion (I didn't want other guests to feel awkward while I took photographs) but I did get a few snaps of their pet cow. Yes, a pet cow. As Indian as it gets.




Here is another photograph from Zostel Ooty.


Mysore Palace

Since all I had was half a day here, I decided to laze around and relax in the afternoon before heading out in the evening to attempt photographing the Mysore Palace in all its glory fully lit up. I was woefully underprepared with a Yu Yureka Plus (a cheap phone that runs CyanogenMod 12.1 and has a 13mp camera) next to the person with a Nikon D5200 who joined me on the expedition.

I took a lot of photos indiscriminately all with different camera settings, a combination of automatic and manual. I uploaded them all on flickr for you to see how useless I was in the venture.

Mysore Palace: Attempted Photographs

Food @ Mysore

I had some amazing butter masala dosa for 35₹ and coconut water for 15₹ as an evening slack and followed up with a North Indian Thali for 130₹ as dinner after the photo session. Apologies for the lack of food blog photographs!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Backpacking through Ooty: A Photoblog

Another delayed travel blog. Bangalore to Ooty and back, 2016-02-12 to 2016-02-18.

The Prep


The Bus Ride


Walking to Lovedale from Ooty


And I spot an actual truckload of shit along the way...


Hiking around Ooty

2016-02-14. Best cardio thus far in my life.

Hiking around Ooty

Sampling Chocolates around Ooty

I had to buy chocolates for my family back in Bangalore. I don't have a sweet tooth and eat dark chocolates almost exclusively. Problem is, the locals in Ooty prefer everything loaded with sugar and the two places I could buy cheap dark chocolate were closed. Oh and did I mention that you can taste chocolates before you buy ? End result: I had a lot of sweet sampling and felt like puking at the end of it all.

Chocolate Sampling in Ooty

A Final Shot

From the bus I boarded back to Bangalore.


Backpacking through Hampi: A PhotoBlog

A log of my life from 2016-02-04 to 2016-02-10

The Prep

This bag. Slightly overpacked as I was an amateur. 1 liter of shaving foam, 3 cans of deodorant spray and other giant sized bottles of toiletries that I used at home. Oh and a sleeping bag that I never needed.


Sunset at the Mountains

A brief hike up the mountains on the far side of the river (the side of Hampi which is opposite to that of the bus station) for a view of the sunset. Date: 2016-02-08

Sunset in Hampi

A trek to the Hampi Waterfall

Trek to the Hampi Waterfalls on 2016-02-09. This isn't really a waterfall except during the monsoon season which I was reasonably clear of. That made it an excellent trekking trail full of rocks shaped by the flow of water. Two of us hired a guide for 500 rupees and the trek took some 2 to 3 hours.

Hampi Waterfall Trek

The end!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Me in 2016: Backpacking through India

It has been a few months since my last blog post. I have had a bunch of transitions in these months ending with me deciding to go on a backpacking trip through India for as long as I can. Here is a list of things I did which I recommend others on a similar path.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Understanding Multiple Inheritance in Go

There are plenty of blog posts describing how interfaces and embedding work with Go but not a lot of them show you how this solves the multiple inheritance problem.

I figured I might create a little snippet on the Go playground for you to play with and understand how multiple inheritance is solved in Go:

I guess you could summarize Go's behavior during multiple inheritance as respect the obvious and explicit is better than implicit.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

2015 with Neo4J: A Summary

Next up in my series on the things I used in 2015 and what I felt about them is Neo4J.

Probably the most "visible" graph database out there, and also the oldest, Neo4J has been around since 2007, hitting 1.0 in 2010. As a result it occupies prime real estate in the enterprise market and this shows in its editions - they can get away with not providing clustering or high availability on the free community edition.

This blog post isn't about Neo Technologies' licencing policies. So I'll just get back on topic and summarize my experience here.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Being useless: Frontend and Design

I'm being honest here. My design skills are limited to knowing when something is good looking and when something is ugly. But when something is horribly designed, I'm the last person capable of fixing it.

I also happen to be a rather terrible frontend engineer. So I'm restricted to using the nice point and click tools available to design my blog and also free and/or opensource themes available online.

Which brings me to this website...