Sunday, January 25, 2015

When Wireless doesn't work on your Laptop: Quick Fix with Android's USB Tethering

My previous blog post describes how I went about getting my laptop to connect to WiFi after some initial hiccoughs. Here I'm going to describe the quick-and-dirty way - during those times when you have just installed a Linux distro and have issues getting wireless to work but have no access to an Ethernet cable and happen to have an Android device lying around.

All you need is an Android device (phone/tablet, SIM not necessary). Here are the steps you can follow:

Getting broadcom-wl driver working on Fedora 21 with akmod-wl - for BCM4312 Wireless

I upgraded to Fedora 21 from Fedora 20 a few hours back. Had issues with getting my wireless interface, Broadcom BCM4312 working on my eMachines E725 laptop. This is a known PITA wireless interface to work with. Posting my experience in getting things to work after some hair pulling moments.

tl;dr: running sudo yum install kernel-devel akmod-wl should fix the wireless problem (assuming you have enabled rpm-fusion).