Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The PENNSL Stack

I like cheeky stack names. Thus, if a project ever comes my way that looks like it is shaping up to using a stack which could be a nice acronym, I note it down. Quickly.

And thus let me introduce the PENNSL stack with PostgreSQL, EmberJS, Node.js, NGINX, SystemD and Linux.

Here is a Vagrantfile and a setup.sh (intended for setting up a CentOS box anywhere - including Vagrant) for the stack: https://github.com/mahtuag/DistroSetup/tree/master/Vagrant/pennsl

If this matches your application requirements, feel free to download/fork and reuse!

Edit #1: Here is another fancy stack for you - the PEEP stack https://medium.com/@j_mcnally/the-peep-stack-b7ba5afdd055

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